The fish sold through our online store come from a leading breeder here in the USA. We have chosen them because of their "against the current" practices that have yielded great fish, healthy fish and some of the most attractive fish you can find anywhere. We have been purchasing and distributing Blackwater Creek Koi Farms koi and goldfish for many, many years and we frequently visit the farms to hand pick the best fish as they are harvested from the ponds. What impresses us most about the fish are:

The Selection & The sheer number of breeder KOI they maintain and the Japanese genetic lines - We can get virtually every type of KOI in Butterfly or Standard fin in one place.

The Health - They have been isolated from the world (not bringing in or selling anyone else's fish for almost 10 years). They are SVC tested and have never had KHV. Be sure to ask your current supplier if they have ever had either...this is important.

The Price - Because of our relationship with Blackwater Creek, we are able to negotiate and provide the best prices in the industry. 

We are very happy to disclose where our fish come from. With our relationship, we can get the the fish you need with the confidence and quality you deserve.

We are positive you will love our fish!