Ochiba Shigure (oh CHEE bah shee GOO reh)  A koi that combines the Gray coloring of the Soragoi with the Brown coloring of the Chagoi.  When looking for a good quality Ochiba, you want to look at the pattern, and use the kohaku stepping guidelines for pattern conformation. Ochiba are closely related to their wild carp ancestors and commonly grow to be over 30" in size.  Their close relation to wild carp means they are very calm and docile and can easily be taught to hand feed. You can shop our current selection of Ochiba Shigure Koi For Sale right here on this page. All of our Koi For Sale are produced by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms.  Blackwater Creek is a closed Bio-Secure farm.  Their fish are regularly SVC tested and they have never had KHV. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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