Midorigoi (mee DOH ree goy) A non-metallic solid green koi.  Midorigoi are the only variety to display the color green. The first midorigoi were doitsu scaled but more recently a scaled version has been developed.  The doitsu version is still much more common than the scaled version.  A good quality Midorigoi will have a single row of uniform scales down the back and an even hue of green or yellow/green coloring. Midorigoi are truly a unique and hard to find variety.  You can shop our current selection of Midorigoi Koi For Sale right here on this page. All of our Koi For Sale are produced by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms.  Blackwater Creek is a closed Bio-Secure farm.  Their fish are regularly SVC tested and they have never had KHV. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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