Kikokuryu (KEE-koh-KOO-roo) A metallic, doitsu koi with a white & black pattern. They are the product of crossbreeding Platinum Ogon & Kumonryu. Simply put, the Kikokuryu is the metallic version of the Kumonryu. Like the Kumonryu, Kikokuryu are known for having a constantly changing pattern. Water temperature, water hardness & genetics all play a part in the evolving color & pattern of the Kikokuryu. Kikokuryu may change quite dramatically in just one season. You can shop our current selection of Kikokuryu Koi For Sale right here on this page. All of our Koi For Sale are produced by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms. Blackwater Creek is a closed Bio-Secure farm. Their fish are regularly SVC tested and they have never had KHV. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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