How To Measure Koi

So how do you measure a Koi anyway?  Measuring a Koi fish can be somewhat tricky but with the right equipment and the right technique it can be done safely.  Here at Koi To The World we take the time to measure each and every fish we sell.  Fish are measured from the tip of their nose to the end of the longest part of their tail to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Over the years we have used several methods for measuring our Koi but have found that an aquarium with an adhesive fish ruler affixed to the outside works the best and is safest for the fish.

The Measuring Tank

measuring aquarium tank

The aquarium is filled about two thirds with water.  One person holds the fish with two hands against the side just below the ruler while the second person records the measurement.  It is important the person handling the fish is comfortable doing so and uses two hands.  The Koi bowl is kept directly beside the measuring tank so the fish can be transferred back and forth quickly and safely.  When at all possible we avoid using nets to the handle the fish but rather use our hands.  The use of nets can strip the fish of it's slime coat and allows the fish to flop around and possible injure itself.

Taking Measurements

How to measure Koi

This Doitsu Kujaku measures in at 7.75"

Koi Fish

This Kin Ki Utsuri measures in at 7.25"

Measure Large Koi

This Kohaku measures in at 7.25"

Koi Measurement Tank

This Doitsu Kujaku measures in at 7.25"


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