Find Out Where Coy Fish Came From (And How To Spell It Right)

Find Out Where Coy Fish Came From

(And How To Spell It Right)

It sounds like “coy,” but it’s actually called koi fish. “Koi” has the same phonetic sounds you would hear from saying “coy”.  Koi fish are beautiful creatures filled with wonder and excitement. Cultures all around the world appreciate the marvelous fish. It has become a universal symbol of peace. 

What is Koi? 

Koi, or nishikigoi, are beautiful fish that have striking, decorative colors. They are freshwater fish known for the most beautiful addition to a pond or water garden. They are some of the most treasured, remarkable fish in nature. This has created a vibrant community of enthusiasts and farmers that appreciate living art. 

Where the Name Came From 

The Japanese Koi Fish is also known as “nishikigoi”. Farmers first began breeding koi as a source of food to make it through harsh winters. Through many years of breeding and selecting fish, people began to admire the vibrant, rich colors the fish displayed. 

Known as the living jewel, nishikigoi are considered living works of art. When farmers began using them as a food source, they quickly noticed how their majestic colors and features should be treasured.  

As time passed, nishikigoi became a symbol of success, love, and peace. When someone had them in a pond it became a statement of accomplishment. 

From the 790s to the year 1,185, nobles would make koi a common symbol for their class. They would feed it with special food called fu. They loved how the fish was always patient and never aggressive.  

Koi means love or affection.  

Villages began noticing changes in colors as they bred koi. They began creating different variations over time. Koi has become a symbol of beauty and life.  

Varieties of koi are recognized by its color, pattern, and scalation. They can adapt to many climates and can be found all over the world. It wasn’t until the early 1900s after an annual exposition in Tokyo that koi became internationally known. Much of the world’s koi came from this original selection of fish exhibited at that time.  

Koi fish have become almost a legend as its been reported to reach ages between 100-200 years old. One fish named Hanako was owned throughout generations. When its scales were analyzed, scientists determined it was around 226 years old! While koi can live long, most expect the fish to live at around 50 years old.  

Living Art 

It’s no surprise why people love to collect and care for Koi. The process to breed the fish, its beauty, its gentle mannerisms, and the symbols they represent has created a sensation.  

The price of koi is reasonable but some fish have reached an entirely new level of luxury and rarity. In fact, the most expensive koi fish sold was for 1.8 million dollars. The fish was nine years old and achieved an incredible record.  

While koi is a type of carp, a common fish around the world, they are completely different and full of value. Their color varieties have made them coveted fish and unique. 

Creating the koi we see today is difficult. Breeders can start with 3 million fish, then whittle it down to 50,000 and then 1,000, to breed and create the variety they are looking for. All this hard work creates one-of-a-kind art.  

Paintings like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night are remarkable works of art. But they stay still, representing a moment that no longer exists. Koi, however, are living, breathing art that elegantly sway within the cool freshwater; admired by all.

Start a Water Garden 

You can be a part of the growing community that appreciates koi. It’s an incredible opportunity to enjoy nature and share it with friends and family. Water gardens are beautiful, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for your home.

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